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September 02, 2008
McCain camp confirms that alleging sexism part of strategy
Every day I receive an ICYMI – in case you missed it – email from the McCain camp.

Today, I got one that confirms their strategy to allege sexism against anyone that questions VP nominee, Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Press Office

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


“Ignore The Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience.”

“As the chief executive of the nation’s largest state, Ms. Palin oversees some of the country’s largest energy reserves. She came into office at a critical time in Alaska politics, facing a system plagued by corruption. Her response was to immediately begin cleaning it up. The results of her leadership today speak for themselves: Ms. Palin’s approval ratings top 80% — more than 60% higher than that of the Democratic Congress.” — Nancy Pfotenhauer

“Ignore The Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience.” Nancy Pfotenhauer The Wall Street Journal September 2, 2008

In Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain has found a fellow maverick to be his running mate — one who can help bring the right kind of reform to Washington. Ms. Palin, like Mr. McCain, has a strong record of battling the status quo, restoring accountability and effectiveness to government, and working to secure energy independence, root out corruption and curb wasteful spending.

You can read the rest of the tripe at the link above.

Well, I’m a woman, and I’m going to continue to write about the incompetence that is James.Dobson.In.A.Dress.

Calling her incompetent isn’t sexist. It’s the truth.
Calling her a religious extremist isn’t sexist. It’s the truth.
Calling her someone who abuses the power of the office isn’t sexist. A bi-partisan investigative team is taking up that task.

That’s why the Democrats need to put out every woman they have. You only need to point out her record as an extremist. Nothing sexist in that.

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