After posting in Rikyrah’s post about John McCain being a wholly owned subsidiary of Mullah Jim Dobson and crew, someone posted in the comments section that in the pictures and articles promoting the McCain family, that Bridget, their adopted daughter from Bangladesh; the one KKKarl Rove used to smear McCain back in 2000 by implying she was the product of an affair McCain allegedly had with a SISTA (and I don’t know any sistas who would willingly sleep with McCain without getting paid to do so), has been conspicuously absent from any promos or family portraits.

So, I decided to do a Google search to see if I could find any pictures of Ms. McCain.  Here’s one, but Papa McCain’s no where in sight:

I couldn’t do a cut and paste, but the article is interesting in that it sounds like Bridget was taught her talking points when she was seven or eight years old.

So, I decided to try again.  Here’s what I found

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And guess on who’s website I found this picture?  BET.

As in “Black Entertainment Television”. And, according to this shot, Bridget was about fourteen years old.  The Theiving-Junkie Ho was even sporting a Halle Berry-like pixie cut back then, so it’s safe to say this picture isn’t a recent one.  Probably as recent as we’re going to get for now.

Try this:  here’s one with Papa McCain and his biological daughter he had with the Junkie-Ho. Her name is Meaghan:

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So, why can’t we be treated to a similar shot of one with Bridget?  Is it because….nah, I can’t bring myself to say that.  Here’s another picture I did find, though, and she’s with her sister, Meghan:

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I don’t know, I’d like to see more of Bridget on the campaign trail.  Not that it’s going to sway any of us who already know McCain is an overall wholly owned subsidiary of the Religious Reich Wing who also happens to be a continous political joke that we weren’t voting for anyway, but it would sorta prove that not even McCain would stoop so low as to hide out one of his immediate family members for political gain and to avoid embarassment.

Can we do a “Where’s Bridget?” wiki?  I want to say “I kid”, but I don’t know…..

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