Field Negro has a post up that basically says, after the latest exposure of lies by the Bush Administration, that if we, as a Nation, fail to take action to impeach this SOB, we get the President we deserve.

With Congress at an approval rating lower than whaleshyt, you’d think Nancy Pelosi would put impeachment back on the table, but all you hear out of DC is crickets chirping, because those SOBs are ON VACATION.

You can only say “They’re lying” when the messenger tells the public the truth, only so many times.  And currently, the Bush Administration members are rumored to be lining up for pardons before dude leaves office on January 20, 2009.  Forging a letter to connect Saddam to 9/11; the anthrax scientist has come up dead, presumably of suicide; hell, the Colin Powell show on WMDs and Condi Rice’s culpability when she should have told Rummy to go to hell and back Powell…the mind boggles.

And Congress won’t impeach this bastard. 

We need to clean house, and thankfully, keeping Corporate mammys like Nikki Tinker out of office certainly helps.

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