Well, covering for Senator Straight Talk at every turn on his gaffe’s and missteps, hasn’t exactly helped him in the polling. Helping push the ‘Obama is an Uppity N$*%er’ memo hasn’t done it either.

I wear the tinfoil hat, and am not ashamed of it. The MSM has been covering for McCain at every turn, and has tried to find every fault they could with Barack Obama. Because, as others have said, and I agree, it’s in their best interest to make this a horserace, and whatever they have to do in order to get it is what they’ll do.

So, after spending the last month covering for McCain and hounding Obama, they wanted the results to fit the narrative they’ve been trying to shape.

But, when the latest polls come out, and Obama is still in the same position that he was in a month ago – IN THE LEAD – well, that just won’t do.

So, of course, they have to ‘ move the bar’.

Anyone Black understands what ‘move the bar’ means.

It’s not just that Obama is leading. And, that his lead has held. The latest scam is:


Watched this entire farce on MSNBC yesterday, but it’s not just MSNBC. This is the companion Meme of the MSM against Obama these days.

Now, isn’t that special. He just can’t be consistently leading in the polls. He has to be leading by a certain MARGIN in order to be legitimate.

When it came out that Obama was leading McCain by 10 points amongst, ‘hard working Americans, White Americans’, they could barely spit it out, not knowing how they could spin that against Obama, so, of course, they got OFF that poll point as fast as they could.

It’s not that I’m surprised by this. I’m not. After all, the media full and wholeheartedly participated in the farce that was the ‘ supposed Democratic race’, post-Wisconsin. Always going along with whatever BS moving of the bar Camp Hillpatine came up with, and acting as if it was legitimate.

Just pointing out some more of the forest.

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