For those of you who have never of heard of the term, “Corporate Mammy”, I give it to you courtesy of Skeptical Brotha, who wrote about a certain female protege of the Dark Sith over a year ago, since she’s now running for his old seat in Congress, and is trying to unseat a Freshman Democrat who got that Congressional Resolution passed that makes the government apologize for slavery, and has provided Memphis with the best Congressional Representation since Harold Ford, Sr.

She’s obviously counting on good looks and being attached to the Dark Sith as the reasons why Memphians should vote for her, who is essentially a carpetbagger, compared to Rep. Steve Cohen’s 30+ years of serving Memphis in the State House and now in the U. S. House.  There are very few times when we need to urge the return of a good, effective congressman to his seat, and judging by her performances in these commercial ads, Ms. Tinker hasn’t been advised when to leave the stage gracefully, so we need to give her a push.

Especially since she’s stooping to race baiting in reverse and religion baiting and is coming off no better than John McCain.  Even Black preachers in Memphis came to their senses and have rallied behind Cohen. When you’ve lost the Black preachers in Memphis, even the super-corrupt ones, your campaign is pretty much toasted, but hey, don’t let that stop ya.

Steve Cohen needs to return to Congress, so when the Democrats fully take over both Houses of Congress, he’ll be one member the CBC will wish they had better relations with.  President Obama will at least take his phone calls… 

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