…is actually a smart move on the part of Team Obama, and here’s why.


Y’all heard me.  It’s not like homegirl or her operatives wasn’t putting shyt out there before the DNC Convention, and had most, if not all of us thinking she, Wild Bill and the Hillbots were going to start some shyt like howling to be named as Obama’s VP, and literally forcing him to do so.  Naming his pick before the convention prevents any kind of blackmail or corrupt takeovers to force Hillary on the ticket, out of Clinton’s hands.

While I’m not crazy about the fact Obama’s going with Biden, he could have actually made worse choices than him.  Like Hillpatine.  Y’all know peeps would be staying home in November if he’d gone with her on the ticket.

Or Evan Bayh – who is ReThug-lite, and actually does nothing to help Obama win in the rest of the country.  Biden is at least nationally known, and I do like the fight attitude he brings with him.  If McCain goes with Romney, I’m looking forward to the VP debates, cause Biden is a garrelous SOB who will talk Romney to death and make him forget his talking points.

Personally, I kinda liked Bill Richardson, but his womanizing would have become somewhat of an issue, though why Cindy McCain or Carol McCain (1st wife) is off limits, when all kind of missiles are being flung at Michelle Obama, to the point a Wiki had to be started to keep track; but I digress.

To some, it may look like capitulation on Obama’s part; it would have really been capitulation if he’d gone with Hillpatine.  At least Biden will influence Obama to quit playing nice in this campaign, because, as Bill Maher once said, the ReThugs do know how to win elections, and I swear, in that regard, they adopt the Malcolm X concept of winning elections: “By Any Means Necessary.”


A) While you listen to Clintonistas whine, just hold hard to these truths, and spread them when you can.

Hillpatine was NOT vetted, because she wouldn’t answer the following questions:
1. What’s in her earmarks since the got to the Senate
2. What’s in the 18 million missing from the tax returns
3. What’s in Bill’s Donor List to the Clinton Library
4. What’s in Bill’s Donor List to the Clinton Foundation

So, if you come upon Clintonistas, smack them with the truth.

B) This is a defense of Joe Biden from our old friend, Prometheus 6. Check it out.

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