Rumors abound.  Like this one that McCain’s VP’s youngest child, who has Downs Syndrome, may not be her son, but her grandson:

Along with all the stories making their way through the news cycle is one regarding Trig Palin, her youngest child. Apparently, there has been suspicion, some reported through Alaskan media outlets even before the Vice Presidential buzz, that the child actually belongs to her daughter, Bristol Palin. Normally this would be a personal issue, but this becomes a public matter because of Sarah Palin’s stance against abortion and birth control, promoting ‘abstinence only’ beliefs.
The story seems ludicrious, and surely the GOP workers that vetted her would have stopped McCain from choosing her if anything like this were true. Only, now it has come out that Governor Sarah Palin was not vetted properly. The McCain camp states that they didn’t feel it was necessary.

Like hell, it wasn’t necessary to vet Palin.  I am going to stress, that this appears to be a rumor, but even so, McCain’s camp was so hell-bent on stealing Obama’s thunder, that he skipped over more well-vetted candidates in a half-assed attempt to make a friggin’ POINT.

I, for one, would hope that baby Trig is really Palin’s and not her grandson.  If it’s rumor, McCain’s camp needs to ferret this out and lay it to rest, post-haste, before it becomes something that Andrea Mitchell and Cokie Roberts conveniently decide to ignore, while being Royal Haters of Anything Obama.  Such rumors really don’t help the Obama camp, but my God, if this shyt is really true….?

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