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The Wall Street Journal reports on the ensuing legal battle for ballots between Democrats and Republicans.

Many have lauded Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama’s, massive voter registration drive. Building off of historic turnout in this year’s Democratic Primary, Obama’s registration drive could swing a few Republican-leaning states to the Democratic column by election day.

However, the power of this phenomenon has not been lost on the Republican Party.

The Wall Street Journal (via TPM):

Republicans are moving to examine surges in voter registrations in some states. A Republican lawyers group held a national training session on election law over the weekend that included campaign attorneys for Sen. John McCain and other Republican leaders. One session discussed how party operatives can identify and respond to instances of voter fraud.

So continues the disturbing, but predictable, pattern wherein Republicans respond to high registration and turnout with legal tactics to disqualify Democratic voters. Lawyers have played a major role in the past two elections. This year promises to be no different.

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