That’s the message from Obama’s latest ad.

Recently McCain couldn’t remember how many houses he had. I can understand a politician not knowing the price of gas at the pump or a gallon of milk in the grocery story. But is McCain so disconnected from reality and the life of Americans that he doesn’t remember how many homes he has?

They didn’t ask what the closing price was or the interest rate on his mortgages. They asked how many. That should be damn easy. It’s especially problematic given that homes are just the sort of used-to-be asset that so many Americans are losing right now.

We’re in the midst of the greatest collapse in wealth in nearly a century, and the war hero doesn’t even know how many of these very large items he currently has. I am so tired of these conservative, vacuous, idiots throwing around “charges” of elitism at Democratic candidates. Nothing screams out of touch and elitist-in-a-bad-way than forgetting how many damn homes you have.

Spread this like fire. Hit it every day. No quarter for the prisoner of war on this one.

UPDATE: From The Jed Report: The McCain Residences: A Google Earth Tour -DIGG IT!

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