The “New” Face of Affirmative Action

When talking about Obama and any Affirmative Action advantages he appeared to your pea brains to have, just drink a tall, cold glass of STHU.  Especially after John McCain went out and picked Alaskan Barbie as his running mate.

Obama gets the nomination and the GOP starts whining about Affirmative Action.  Get the Hell out of here.

Especially since it’s becoming more and more known that the ones who benefit the most from it are white women. White women like Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, who has more than a few ethics questions she needs to be answering, and fast.  However, I don’t expect the mainstream media to do their damn jobs on ferreting this out, because, as you well know, this is the same MSM who went to sleep on corruption-plus in the Bush Administration for eight years, because they didn’t want to lose their access to players in the Beltway Cocktail Weenie circuit.

The same MSM who has yet to ask Joe Scarborough about that dead staffer found in his Pensacola office when he was in Congress, and resigned soon after she was found.  You haven’t heard jack about that.

The same MSM with members like Andrea Mitchell and Cokie Roberts waxing about Obama’s upbringing, the fact he can actually go to Hawaii and visit family is considered “elitist”, while John McCain can’t recall how many houses he and the Pill-Popping-Piece-On-The-Side/Theivin’ Junkie-Ho owns, and all you hear are “crickets chirping”.

The same MSM who refuses to acknowledge that the biggest BENFACTOR of Affirmative Action is none other than the President of the United States.  Case in point: I am an African-American female, with a 3.70 GPA in college prep courses, who didn’t get accepted to Harvard, even though I not only had the academic quals to get in; I had the race and gender to qualify for Affirmative Action.

Alas, I have no family members that graduated from Harvard who had money.  Bummer.

Along comes GeeShrubya, who barely graduated from high school; had his Pappy’s money buying graduation and college admission, and finally buys himself a seat in Harvard Business School, where he’s given the grades to pass, because there would have been hell to pay at Harvard because of Prescott “Nazi-Dealer” Bush and Poppy Bush.  He not only gets in; he gets awarded a friggin’ Master’s Degree in Business, and thereby demeans the reputation of Harvard having the toughest graduate Business school in the country with that stunt.

No wonder real Business majors have started to beat down the doors to Wharton instead of Harvard now.

Again, I say, “Get The Hell Out of Here” with that shyt you detractors talk about when mentioning Affirmative Action.  You always want to point out how people of ethnicity benefit, but from where I sit, y’all get the nod each and every time, and twice on weekends. Furthermore, I’m not buying when white feminists want to drag Black, Asian and Latino women into their fight, but they’re the only ones benefitting from said fight, and you don’t have to shyt to say to those who helped you in the fight.  You lost me with the ranting of Gerry the Klanswoman, followed by Hillary until she got her beat-down, and now the PUMAs who are certifiably batshyt crazy and don’t know when to call it a day and go home. Additionally, when classy women like Michelle Obama get attacked, you are as silent as mice pissing on cotton.  Tim Wise already told you “Your whiteness is showing” and now, McCain uses it for SPORT and mocks the hell out of you.

You want to sing and hip-hop with people of color; but when the rubber meets the road, you don’t want to go to jail with us.  Affirmative Action?  Women like Gerry the Klanswoman, Hillbots, PUMAs and any other shythouse rat crazies can now drink your cans of STHU because McCain’s pick for VP has insulted women everywhere, and basically told the sistas in the GOP that y’all can go to hell, too, because he is seriously mocking YOU with the pick of Sarah Palin.

If the GOP wants to attack Obama as an Affirmative Action pick, fire back with the choices of Sarah Palin, as well as the current POTUS for being the more gigantic beneficiaries of Affirmative Action we have ever seen in this millenium.  Their selection, solely based on everything but qualifications, seals the deal that affirmative action benefits who THEY want to benefit, but if too many of what they consider “undesirables” get our foot in the door….

I don’t need to finish that thought, do I?

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