A theme that I like to return to every once in awhile when we get news on it, is about Barack Obama and The Religious Vote.

Ever since I read this post on PoliticalInaction.com, putting for the supposition that most of the attacks on Obama by the GOP were not just race related, but religion related, I have kept an eye open to see how far on or off the money the blogger was. I believe the blogger is on the money.

The ‘ Obama is a Muslim’ LIE that arrives in the emailbox every Monday.
The ‘ Obama has a problem with the Jews’ LIE that arrives in the emailbox every Tuesday.
The entire attack on Trinity UCC and Jeremiah Wright.

All were done to undermine Barack Obama and his religious standing.

So, what do the latest polls say?

According to David Brody of CBN:

For the most part, the various faith communities of the U.S. currently support Sen. Obama for the presidency. Among the 19 faith segments that The Barna Group tracks, evangelicals were the only segment to throw its support to Sen. McCain. Among the larger faith niches to support Sen. Obama are non-evangelical born again Christians (43% to 31%); notional Christians (44% to 28%); people aligned with faiths other than Christianity (56% to 24%); atheists and agnostics (55% to 17%); Catholics (39% vs. 29%); and Protestants (43% to 34%). In fact, if the current preferences stand pat, this would mark the first time in more than two decades that the born again vote has swung toward the Democratic candidate.

Now, isn’t that interesting?

Of course, Obama’s Christianity is ‘ ironic’ according to NPR’s Mara Liasson, because she has a hard time understanding how ‘Liberals’ could be ‘ Christians’.

I guess Martin Luther King, Jr., was just a big old faking athiest then.

And, I guess Black folks(the strongest base of the Democratic Party) are just pretending to go to church more than any group IN THIS COUNTRY, according to the latest study on religion by Pew. When we get in there, well, we’re just pagans, I suppose.

You mean, Christianity meaning more than abortion and homosexuals?


Yes, Liasson is a stooge over at Fox Noise.

So, Obama’s Christianity is ‘ ironic’ when he’s not being a Muslim and having problems with The Jews.

A Reminder: Obama and McCain will be at Rick Warren’s Church this Saturday, August 16th. The ‘Compassion Forum’ will be broadcast on CNN.

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