Regardless of what we may think of Obama’s VP, you gotta give him props for acting this way:

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden took on the role of Democrat Barack Obama’s new presidential running mate on Saturday, attacking Republican candidate John McCain and making clear that whatever doubts he’d previously expressed about Obama’s readiness were gone.

In a joint appearance with Obama 12 hours after Obama announced that Biden was his choice for vice president, Biden called Obama an inspiration to millions with “steel in his spine” and “a clear-eyed pragmatist who will get the job done.”

He went after McCain, a longtime personal friend, as having given “into the right wing of his party and yielded to the very Swift Boat politics he once so deplored.”

At least we know this guy has Obama’s back, and as long as Obama doesn’t hamstring him (like Kerry did Breck-boy John Edwards back in 2004), it’s all good and will be fun to watch.

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