Meet the Bloggers is the internet’s answer to the old, tired and played Meet the Press (no disrespect to Tim Russert, RIP). Did you know, btw, that more people watch Meet the Press via podcast than the live broadcast? Teh internets is powerful like that. With that in mind, I’ll be on tomorrow’s show live on Friday at 1pm EST/10am PST and I’m really excited. (There will be an archived version available.)

We’ll be talking about what Democrats should stop doing if they want to win this election. One of our favorite topics! I hope you’ll tune in too and also leave your thoughts about the show and what we discuss in the comments. Michael Moore will also be on the show and here’s his video talkin’ bout it:

Here’s the general 411, y’all:

We at Meet the Bloggers are very pleased to tell you that Michael Moore, the Academy Award-winning activist filmmaker of SiCKO and Fahrenheit 9/11, will be our special guest this Friday, August 22 and again on August 29. We’ll also be joined by bloggers Liliana Segura (AlterNet) and Cheryl Contee (Jack & Jill Politics), as well as nationally syndicated author and blogger David Sirota. Watch Mike talk with host Cenk Uygur about issues he covers in his new book, Mike’s Election Guide 2008. “With John McCain admitting that he has no idea how to use a computer,” Mike said, “we’ll be providing Sen. McCain a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn one on, log onto the internet, and send an e-mail.”

I’ve got my issues with Michael Moore’s work, no doubt. But I’ve been leafing through his new book Mike’s Election Guide 2008. and it’s actually kinda funny. We desperately need an injection of humor in the 2008 campaign at this point.

JJP’s own Jack Turner/Baratunde Thurston has already been on Meet the Bloggers a couple of times. Here’s his most recent appearance with Roberto Lovato, Liliana Segura (AlterNet) and special guest Rachel Maddow. It may in fact be the first time I’ve seen Mr. Thurston wearing a jacket — a must-see event.

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