First-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin talks in her office in Anchorage, ...

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is McCain’s VP Choice

His choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is surprising everyone, including me.  This morning, while I was in the hair salon, getting my mop hooked up, and my stylist is totally kitted out in Obama-wear, still high off the speech from the night before, and after placing me under the dryer; she gets a call from one of her girlfriends on the Hill, who informs her that McStain has picked a woman to be his VP.

We don’t even get time to cherish Obama’s historic moment before McCain, cheater that he is, decides he has to steal some of Obama’s thunder going into the wake, er, Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, next week.  Picking a woman may be the only way he saves his campaign, but I’m wondering about the die-hards that weren’t sold on him, anyway.  I mean, short of returning to the days of cavemen, where the woman was always barefoot and pregnant, I’m wondering how this choice will play with the wingnut crowd he has to have in his back pocket in order to give Obama any type of competition.

Not that I mind – cause McCain’s best days of battling are long over and by God, his VP is my age (give or take a year or two), so in the trifling event of victory, at least he knows he has a successor in case he doesn’t finish out his first term.  I just hope Sen. Joe “Ride or Die” Biden doesn’t ease up on old girl in the debates, just cause she’s a woman.  While I can’t stand Gerry “The Klanswoman” Ferraro, at least she didn’t play the feminist card until 20 years later, long past menopause and long enough to just be flat out bitter about the whole thing.

Yeah, McCain’s trying to make a little history of his own, but considering the crowd he has to play to in order to win, his choice of Sarah Palin, while it would play under the big ticket Democratic party, the GOP continues to believe that a woman’s place is in the home (there’s those “family values” again), and it may not save him.

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