Not that the Democrats are out of the woods, but more and more, I’m convinced that the White House is the Democrats’ to win.  And, it appears that the Republican Party (GOP, or ReThugs) may very well help them out.

First, they are having trouble raising money.  It’s as if they expect the Democrats to increase their majorities in both houses of Congress, thereby neutralizing the odious Joe Lieberman and making him useless to both parties.  Sorry, Repubs; you wanted “Holy Joe”, now you try living with him and his whiney, vengeful ass.

Second, they are having trouble getting high profile GOPers to even commit to coming.  Like the Governator of California:

Schwarzenegger’s absence also would be a letdown for the TV networks, which would lose one of the biggest potential draws on the convention’s opening night. Other speakers scheduled for Monday include President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and numerous members of Congress.

Schwarzenegger’s failure to commit is proving to be a source of frustration for convention organizers, who like to nail down their programs well in advance. Given the star power of the actor turned politician, they’ll still squeeze him into a prime slot if they can get him.

Not that I pay a good deal of attention to the Republicans, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned from them is that when they get their opponents DOWN, they don’t hesistate to take them OUT.  It’s a ruthlessness that the Democratic Party would do well to learn if they want the legislative and executive branches of government under their control; with an opportunity to balance the Supreme Court as well.

We usually get all kinds of visitors to this site, and the minority tends to complain that we don’t cover their issues (usually ReThug) here.  Okay, I’m pointing out that your Party is appearing to be in trouble and don’t seem to give a damn.

I think we’re being “fair and balanced” here.  Oh, BTW, can someone tell me why Michael Steele is being seen slumming in Denver at the DNC convention? Could it be that he might be considering abandoning the party that’s kicked him in the ass more than once, and when he needed them the most?

Just sayin’….

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