Thanks to a tip in the comments last night, we’ve got John McCain on video straight lying to the media and the public about his support for MLK’s birthday as a holiday and generally stumbling all over himself trying to defend is campaign. In fact, dude is just mad uncomfortable with the entire topic of race.

He was asked to defend his campaign’s accusation that Obama “played the race card.” I’m pretty sure McCain doesn’t know what the race card actually is.

Let’s focus on this statement:

I am proud of that record, from fighting for the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday in my state to sponsoring specific legislation that would prevent discrimination in any shape or form in America today

Trifling. Ass. Liar. has the facts.

  • FACT: McCain Supported Republican AZ Governor’s Decision To Rescind MLK Holiday.
  • FACT: McCain Supported Gov. Evan Mecham’s Decision In 1987 To Rescind Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • FACT: McCain Voted Against Creating Martin Luther King Holiday.
  • FACT: In 1994, McCain Sided With Senator Jesse Helms and Voted To Eliminate Funding For Martin Luther King Commission.
  • FACT: McCain Voted Against The Civil Rights Act Of 1990 FOUR Times.

I would love to see McCain’s reaction to a group of young black men heckling him with “WHAT ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY, MCCAIN?” I’m pretty sure he’d have a breakdown. In fact, I might just try it and see what happens.

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