They just can’t get enough of us :)

The NY Times has a media post-mortem of DNC coverage and mentions us pretty high up:

During the convention, Google had hosted the Big Tent which housed 500 bloggers, vloggers and other nontraditional media types. Google also made sure that these journalistic insurgents were invited to the after-party, people like James Kotecki from Politico, Baratunde Thurston of Jack & Jill Politics, Chuck Olsen of Blogumentary and Noah Kunin of Blanked-Out.

The article was about a lot more than the party and is worth a read. I think the author captured the essence of what it meant to have 15,000 media descend on a single event coming from a wide range of media outlets and types

The cable television blabbers still put a frame around the event, and the morning analysis pieces in The Washington Post and The New York Times continue to generate pickup and chatter, but the picture that emerged from this convention was also rendered in a thousand other pixels of coverage. (Most of us were so busy making media that we had little time to consume it — when I checked out of my Denver hotel, I left behind a stack of newspapers and bookmarks that I had set aside to read.) At this convention, depending on where you looked, the Clintons were still fighting from the hills or totally on board; big money got stiffed at the convention or was in full cry; and Senator Joe Biden was a brilliant choice as a vice president or a complete fiasco.

But back to that Google party. It was actually pretty hot. I met Chuck Schumer, saw Rahm Emmanuel getting busy on the dance floor and had a brief dance myself with Ashley Judd. The most relevant occurence, however, was talking with a reporter froma major outlet who was frustrated that so much of the mainstream press entered the convention with the same story in mind and insisted on pushing it, despite evidence to the contrary. That story, of course, was of Obama vs. Clinton delegates.

Here’s a video walkthrough I did of the party in two parts.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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