Dayam, I’m so excited. Jack is too.

I’ve already learned that the Democratic Convention (DNCC) I’m about to experience will be quite different from what we see on TV. There’s a lot that happens outside the big hall and the big speeches. There are panels and symposiums and exhibits and tents and oh yes, there would appear to be a few parties on tap.

Jack/Baratunde and I will be bringing you our – ahem — unique insights into the convention’s activities with some on-scene & behind-the-scenes coverage. There’s too much going on, though, for us to cover. What we’d like to know is what you’re most interested in hearing about. What do you want to know? Which issues are most important to you? Which speeches do you most want us to check out and read the crowd’s reaction vs what you get on teevee?

If you could go, what would you want to ask politicians, campaign staff, Democratic delegates, random Denver residents, etc? We can ask those questions for you.

Let us know in the comments so we’re well-prepared to represent you in Denver…

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