Talk about when it rains, it POURS.  From Skeptical Brotha’s Blog:

The woman was very upset and had swelling over her left eye,” Kearns said, adding she and a friend “were dancing at a party at the Manoogian Mansion and that the Mayor’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, threw a fit, hit her and the other dancer, then kicked them out of the house.”

Yatooma filed the disclosures today in U.S. District Court in connection with a lawsuit that accuses the city of thwarting an investigation into Greene’s April 30, 2003, killing.

In his affidavit, Kearns said Greene was also talking with Detroit Police officers and an EMS unit arrived and subsequently transported her to a hospital. The affidavit does not name any of the EMS workers or police officers.

Kearns said the incident occurred on a Friday or Saturday night, but he did not remember the date.

He said he never came forward: “out of fear for my career and my safety.”

Kearns said in his affidavit that he told his story to Lt. John Morrell in the Detroit Police Department homicide section in June of this year. Morrell asked Kearns to submit to an interview with another homicide detective, Mike Carlisle, Kearns said. He said he ran into Carlisle on a police run about two weeks ago, but still has not been interviewed.

Now this is some straight-up gangsta-shyt right here.  In the Mayor’s Mansion, and his wife is breaking out cans of whip ass on homegirl and, some time later, the dancer, Tamara Green, winds up dead.

Is Kwame going to do more than be kicked out of office?  I’m talking about “Does he face a murder charge or conspiracy to commit Murder charge?”

It’s getting hot in City Hall in Detroit.  And I thought Willie Brown was slicker than an eel in an oil slick, but damn, Kwame Kilpatrick is making corrupt Black Mayors like Willie Brown, Willie Herenton (Memphis) and Sharpe James (Newark) look like friggin choir boys.

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