One of the stories that made this convention historic was the Big Tent which was ground zero for credentialed and uncredentialed bloggers. I had a chance to kick with my friend and inspiration Markos Moulitsas of who talked about why he helped to create the Big Tent.

I spent a lot of my time at this convention at the Big Tent here in Denver. I was grateful for the camraderie, the intellectual stimulation, the pizza and burritos, the Google limeade smoothies, the Level 3 wifi and the Huffington Post Oasis where I got to do some yoga. It was a very cool space where bloggers, media, non-profits, politicians, corporate executives and Coloradans all mingled seamlessly in an endlessly buzzing hive of active dialogue.

My mama actually saw me on TV blogging away inside the tent. Which was indeed big. Here’s a snippet from the email she sent.


It’s very exciting! I’ve been on it and how are things going with you? I saw you on TV — a very swift shot of the bloggers’ tent . A diagonal shot – I saw your hair first then a side view revealed your face down in the computer…

And you know, if you’re black, you’re big time if when your mama sees you on the TeeVee. Though for my generation, I think you’ve really made it when you have your own Wikipedia entry. Which, unlike Markos, I ain’t got yet. ;-)

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