Hillary hit it and hit it hard with her Harriet Tubman quote. Sitting in the Pepsi Center, the energy of the whole hall changed to “Shazzam!” and “Booyah!” when she rolled out “Keep Going”. Everyone was talking about it last night and today. Folks of all ages described getting goosebumps on their arms and shivers down their spine.

It was clear that this was personal for her. Clinton certainly did keep going. But it was also a moving bridge from her emotions to the historic nature of Obama’s candidacy that everyone could feel in their bones. This is what sold the speech, folks.

How did it play on TV though?

I’ve got a soft spot for Harriet Tubman myself. It was her surname I took as inspiration for my blogging pseudonym. It was Harriet Tubman whose story I read over and over to my brother as one of my favorite black history comic books when I was a little kid. We all are imprinted with the story of brave Harriet Tubman and Hillary tapped on the core of everyone in the audience. It turned the speech, at least for those listening here, into an experience.

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