You may remember this post that I did earlier explaining how Exxon bought up old school civil rights group C.O.R.E. to serve as a mouthpiece for their dirty agenda against energy efficiency and climate protection. Because apparently smart energy development = a war on poor black folk.

Well, one of the things that happens at the conventions is that the opposition comes to town too and holds their own counter-messaging press conferences. Just yesterday I was hanging over at the Huffington Post’s media area in Giant Inadequately Air Conditioned Media Tent 5 (they calls it a “Pavillion” but I’m telling you what it really is) and these two cats from ultra-conservative Focus on the Family tried to muscle in and use HuffPo’s internets — the nerve of these people! Baratunde, Seth and I chased em off – Git!

So Exxon is propping up C.O.R.E. to criticize Democrats on actually wanting to do something about climate change and alternative energy saying it will hurt poor black people somehow (how is not really made clear). It’s an environmental injustice argument gone sour. Katrina showed us all how poor black and brown people will fare if we don’t address climate change immediately.

Here’s the dope on C.O.R.E.’s DNCC plans today:

SEVERAL POLITICIANS TO BE NAMED AS “PUNISHERS OF THE POOR” AT PRESS CONFERENCE TOMORROW Denver (August 25)  — Six prominent national politicians will be branded tomorrow as “Punishers of Poor” and memorialized as the two “Jokers” and four “Aces” of a new deck of playing cards to be issued by the Alliance to Stop the War on the Poor <> , it was announced today. The Alliance, co-chaired by the Congress of Racial Equality and the High Impact Leadership Coalition, will release the names and unveil large, blown-up playing cards featuring each named politician at a press conference tomorrow, August 26, aat 9 a.m. at the Denver Hyatt Regency hotel, 650 15th Street, in the Centennial G room – 3rd floor. “There are major politicians that are leading an unprecedented war on America’s poor families, and we are going to name names,” said Niger Innis, National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial  Equality.  “These politicians are purposely pushing up energy prices.  In doing so, they are disproportionately hurting the poor.  They need to be exposed as the prime leaders in this war.” The Alliance is unveiling six politicians tomorrow, comprising the two “Jokers” and the four “Aces” of an eventual 52-card “Punishers of the Poor” deck of playing cards.  The Punishers series of playing cards are similar to the Iraqi war criminal playing cards that were issued at the start of the Iraq War. BROADCAST MEDIA NOTE:  Large color blow-ups of each playing card will be shown at tomorrow’s press conference.

Wanna bet those politicians include folks like Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi, all very famous racists? Just a wild guess. It’s a hollow pronouncement especially since there are positive groups like Van Jone’s Green for All that are advocating for green collar jobs that can help create prosperity for the poor while saving our planet. We need to cut off C.O.R.E.’s funding. Send a message to C.O.R.E. and to Exxon and let them know that C.O.R.E. doesn’t speak for you on this, for realz.

For Exxon, use their online form or call 972 444 1000

For C.O.R.E., email Niger Innis directly at

Don’t let C.O.R.E. sell us down river for a few extra $$$.

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