Were you as set on fire like I was last night by Barack Obama’s speech? Man, I am exhausted but simultaneously so charged up and inspired. Tears came to my eyes more than once last night knowing that I was witnessing American history in the making.

I had a chance to chat one on one with quiet genius Chris Hughes, one of the founders of Facebook, who has been lending a hand at the Obama Campaign. Chris was down for Obama way before it was cool and is one of the masterminds behind my.BarackObama.com.

He told me about the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Tool where you can find out which of your neighbors are unregistered and maybe undecided. You probably know your neighbors (or maybe you should) so you can rap to them about Obama and why they should do the right thing. A brother made the case last night. The choice for president should be obvious. Everyone will be talking about this speech for the next few days. This weekend what would be more natural than to talk with your neighbors about Barack Obama?

Also radical is the Grassroots Finance Committee. Campaigns normally have a Finance Committee that is only for major donors that gives them access to support from campaign staff and even the candidates themselves for help meeting their fundraising goals. Now, if you pledge to raise $1000, you can get some of the same support and access as the bigwigs and fatcats — and possibly almost as much power to change the nation.

Now that’s change you can believe in, yo. MyBo is kickin’ it. If you want to help elect Barack Obama, the thing the campaign needs from you now is to sign up and start using some of the tools there to encourage your peeps to give a few dollars to Obama and to vote in Nov.

If we all do a lil bit, those lil bits gonna add up to a lot.

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