I got a temporary floor pass from the crack blogger/cat herder DNC team and wandered into the fray with my friend Laura Packard about 30 minutes ago. It’s crazy down there! The energy is literally electrifying. It’s hard to focus on anything — it’s really loud and crowded. People buzzing everywhere. You almost have to just let it the experience of being on the floor wash over you and soak it all in. While it’s exciting to be on the floor, in some ways, y’all viewing from your living rooms have the best seats in the house.

Here’s Cordell Cleare whose day job is Chief of Staff for Senator Bill Perkins in the New York State Senate. I spotted her sitting in the audience of the NY State Delegation and felt her vibe. I had to talk to her. I’m glad I did. A sista brought the flava. Hear the voice of the emerging black leadership. Check it out:

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