Piggy-backing off of rikyrah’s post. Here’s the video to match the transcript.

You are looking at a WINNER.


You couldn’t have asked for more.

The brotha was so impressive. Strong. Focused. Determined.

Within minutes of his speech, the GOP started floating rumors of a postponed republican convention. Now word even has it that President Bush might skip his much anticipated appearance at the convention. (translation: uh. . . we’d rather not remind the country of how incompetent we are during the third-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina).

Let’s keep it real, GOP.  We know the real reason. You got a little shook, didn’t you. Don’t try to blame it on Hurricane Gustav. Obama is just too. damn. good! LOL!

Correction: Though the reason given for postponing was delivered as tongue-in-cheek, it should be noted that McCain’s camp mentioned the idea of postponing before Obama’s speech. Fair enough.  In further news. . . conservative nitpicking confirms earlier reports that Republicans are indeed shook and that Obama is just too. damn. good.  ;)

But seriously, this was a truly inspirational moment.

I am so proud. So hopeful. So enthusiastic!

I am . . .

Fired Up! Ready to Go!!

What you saw last night IS America.  For all of its diversity.  For all of its passion.  For all of its beauty. All of those faces . . . young and old . . . faces of all colors from so many different walks of life . . . THIS is the America I want to live in.

This historic event was truly amazing.  Be proud, y’all. . .

You are looking at a WINNER!

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