I sometimes wonder when you’re caught up in the moment, do you forget to take the step back and realize you are watching history.

Since the beginning of this campaign, I’ve looked for good pictures to pierce through the heart of the matter. Here are three that have always stuck with me.

I loved this one because…look at her face. Everyone else around her is expressing their enthusiasm, yet there she is, calm, smile on her face. A smile so deep, and a look in her eyes of utter amazement at what is happening. She truly thought, I believe, that she would die before seeing this possibility.

HISTORY: It is the 53rd Anniversary of the Murder of Emmett Till.

These two gentlemen. They went to a rally in their Sunday best. Of course they did. Look at their faces. They don’t believe they’re here. At this moment in time.

HISTORY:It is the 45th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

This young man’s name is Roy Powell. This is going to be his first Presidential vote. The image of this young Black man, standing in what could be considered conservative dress, but adding his own flavor – the glasses -in front of the American flag – I feel so proud just looking at him.

Tonight is the night.

History will be made.

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