Dear Senator Obama,

I would like to write you an open letter here of ‘constructive criticism’ from the folks here at JJP. We here at JJP span the range of hardcore supporters to ‘constructive critics’, but never ‘ haters’. The following have been floated around here.

1. Your communications team is LACKING.
The response time, let alone the forcefulness of the counterattacks are lukewarm to awful. When someone like Paris Hilton can do an effective slapdown of John McCain and your ads make people go ‘ eh’, something’s not going as well for you as possible.

John McCain is a walking ad. Just commercials on his flip-flops and ‘gaffes’, would be enough to take up a sizeable budget.

2. You’re losing the surrogate battle.
You are indeed your own best surrogate, but you can’t be everywhere, and you shouldn’t be. You need effective surrogates who will do the verbal smackdown for you.
Best ones: McCaskill, Susan Rice, Biden, John Kerry (if he had been this way in 2004, he’d be President), Richardson to a degree. But, you need more. What you DON’T need is the group of folks on tv with Democrat by their name, and they either give a half-assed defense of you, or none at all (this group is too numerous to name).

3. Spread your message
It makes no sense that if you have a townhall, the ENTIRE Townhall isn’t available at Folks going there don’t want some 10-15 minute snippet of what someone else believes is your ‘ greatest hit’ at the Townhall. If someone takes the time to actually search out your Townhalls, or a supporter sends someone to your website so that they can see for themselves, they need to see it ALL. You have the funds; there is NO EXCUSE for your Townhalls not to be available for viewing to the American Public IN THEIR ENTIRETY. You won this nomination in no small part due to your campaign’s mastery of the communications tool that a website can be. Don’t start falling down on the job now.

Just a few constructive criticisms from the JJP family.

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