Saw this a few days ago (via In an interview with Politico and Yahoo News released Thursday, Rice was asked if she would feel secure with a president Obama. She also said she’s not interested in a VP slot. She also sounds very done with an active, governing role in politics, at least for now. Which is good since we’ve had enough of Condi’s leadership for now. She’s done enough, wouldn’t you say? She’s clearly rollin’ VIP but not VP…

Rice, who has often been mentioned as a potential running mate for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), demurred when asked if she might serve as second in command to Obama.

“I don’t need another job in government with anybody,” she said. “Look, I’m a Republican, all right? Sen. McCain is a fine patriot, and … he would be a great president. But there’s something to be said for fresh blood. And I know that there are a lot of very good people who could be his vice president.”

During the interview in a regal room at the State Department appointed with chandeliers, rich carpets and cases of porcelain, Rice was asked: “Would you feel safe with a President Obama?”

“Oh, the United States will be fine,” she responded. “I think that we are having an important debate about how we keep the country safe. I think we are having an important debate about our responsibilities, our obligations, our interests in the Middle East in the wake of the now increasing evidence of success in Iraq. Those are important judgments for the American people to make.”

She also said she has a crush on Denzel Washington. But who doesn’t? Does the love for Nubian princes  extend to Obama? You tell me. Still, this is more confirmation as Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock said, that Condi is the kind of black person who yells at the screen at the movies…

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