Amen, Roland Martin.

I know JJP posters alerted me to this in the Open Thread, but Roland’s headline made me LMAO.

From Roland Martin @

August 14, 2008
Charlie Rangel to speak at DNC? Hell to the naw! is reporting that confidants of Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel are not happy at all with Sen. Barack Obama after the big-time congressman was told to get in line when he sought a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

A major supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, Rangel was angling for a spot, but the Obamites made it clear that there are many more folks ahead of him who desire to speak at the convention.

But at least Rangel might get to speak before Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. I hear the Obama camp want nothing to do with the congresswomen from Texas and Ohio. They were such staunch supporters of Clinton that folks, but what really ticked off the Obama folks were some of the comments made by them, namely Tubbs-Jones.

Trust me, Bob Johnson has a better shot of speaking at the convention than she does!

Tell it, Roland.

THE THOUGHT that ANY of the HHH would be allowed to utter one frigging word at the official convention podium is insane.

IF a Black person is going to speak at that Convention, it will be one that was down with Obama ‘Back When’.


Talk to the hand, Charlie.

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