From Thaddeus Matthews blog.  This is shameful.  No wonder while I was in England I had to bite back the impulse to apologize for George W. Bush everywhere I went and people learned I was American.  Then, they would give me “the look” that said, “You don’t have to apologize; we know most people of color didn’t vote for that f–ktard.”

Therefore, I could not be counted among the 59 million they called “Dumb”.

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This is who has been running out country into a shythole for the last eight years.  Mr. 29% approval rating Himself:


Even Pickles looks like she doesn’t know him...


What is that about “A Picture Saying a Thousand Words”? Only a few come to mind – “He’s drinking again” for example. And daughter Barbara (aka “Not-Jenna”) is looking like she’d rather be anywhere in Beijing than where she is.


Here’s the proof…about 80 Proof, to be exact.  On the other Hand, looks like Pabst Blue Ribbon…

Republicans, you must be so proud…Hypocracy you can count on.

I posted this for the trolls…er, dissenters who lurk here, ready to tear apart our views on McStain, his VP choice, aka Alaskan Barbie (or Dick Cheney with a uterus), and why we should entrust the country to another four years of what the subject in the above pictures has wrought on the American People.  Answer us, if you dare, in light of the evidence provided here in the few pictures (and that’s not even touching the tip of the iceburg, either).  I dare you to provide a comprehensive response to why McCain will be any better or different than the drunken buffoon featured in these pictures.  His family is always looking like they wish they didn’t have to dress him up and take him any place, but then again, he’s only following in Pappy’s footsteps.

Remember this? It’s Bush, Sr. throwing up on the Japanese Prime Minister back in 1992, and the MSM tried to pawn that off as saying he got a hold of some bad sushi.  More like too much saki got downed before dinner was served.

‘Nuff said.

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