Well, I thought I might be able to let this one ‘be’.
But, I couldn’t.
Bill Clinton’s been talking again.

Hat tip-posters at Jack and Jill Politics.

From ABC.com

Bill Clinton to ABC: ‘I Am Not a Racist’
By Anne E. Kornblut

Former president Bill Clinton has been trying to keep his political opinions in check in order to turn back to his international work.

Still, he got a little testy in an interview Sunday with ABC’s Kate Snow, telling her he is “not a racist” even as he avoided delving into specifics about what happened in the Democratic presidential primary. The interview, taped in a quick stop in Liberia, will air Monday on “Good Morning America.”

Snow asked Clinton, “Do you personally have any regrets about what you did campaigning for your wife?”

With his arms folded and looking a bit tense, Clinton replied, “Yes, but not the ones you think. And it would be counterproductive for me to talk about it.”

Barely pausing for a breath, he added, “There are things I wish I’d urged her to do, things I wish I had said, things I wish I hadn’t said. But I am not a racist, I never made a racist comment, and I didn’t attack him personally,” a clear allusion to Sen. Barack Obama.

I’m going to let White folks in on a Black truth -Black folk could care less if YOU believe that you ‘ aren’t a racist’.


You are willing to use racebaiting tactics against a Black person….

WHY are you delusional to think that Black people will make that delineation?

It DOES NOT matter.

IF, when your back is against the wall, the ONLY solution you can come up with to defeat your opponent is using racial attacks on a Black person….

Nobody Black cares if you believe yourself NOT to be a racist. There’s not that much ‘ sophistication’ in the world for Black folk to mark the difference. And the ones that tell you they’ve done it- ask them what they’ve been PAID.

As a commentator on CNN remarked tonight, it wasn’t even the question Clinton was asked. It was totally random, unsolicited. I never believe that anything The Clintons do is random. It’s always purposeful. It’s always with an ulterior motive behind it.

You can believe it if you want, that these words just HAPPENED to be uttered by Bill as Senator ‘Straight Talk’ is accusing OBAMA of ‘playing the race card’.

Uh huh.

Bill’s still mad that Black folk busted his ass. Going around pointing the finger at Barack Obama – that OBAMA is the reason for his dropping numbers in the Black Community.

Got news for Bill. The most accurate thing Obama’s said in months that was absolutely ‘ for real- no chaser’, is the quote coming out of the meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus about how he BIT HIS TONGUE.

Indeed he did.

Obama was Jackie Robinson as Camp Clinton racebaited him from coast-to-coast.
Got news for Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama isn’t the reason for your approval numbers dropping in the Black Community.

Make no mistake, Barack Obama BENEFITTED from the Dogwhistle Racial Politics of Camp Clinton, but he didn’t make an issue out of it, until it became so egregious that he was looking like a fool for NOT speaking up.

Obama knew the double standard and the evil of racebaiting; the MOMENT the Black Person speaks up and points out the racebaiting, THEY are accused of ‘ Playing the Race Card’. WE know that game, because it’s played on us daily.

No, the reason for your approval numbers dropping in the Black Community is because Black folk, despite the ‘ common wisdom’ in this country, actually DO think for themselves.

We have survived in America for generations because of those thinking skills. And, one of the skills of survival that has been passed on from generation to generation in the Black Community is the How to Hear the Call of the Dogwhistle.

We know the pitch; we know the tone; we know the code.

And guess what, we don’t need White folk to tell us when the Dogwhistle has been blown; we hear it louder and clearer than the designated recipients of the racial appeals ever will. We know the nuances of it; the subtleties. Despite what you might think Bubba.

– You weren’t subtle, and you sure in hell weren’t slick.

Black folk saw through the call of the Dogwhistle QUICK.

As I keep on reminding folks, the first true sign of acknowledgement of the Dogwhistle was in the sham Michigan Primary, when ‘ Uncommitted’ won 70% of the vote in DETROIT. By the time South Carolina came, as they say, ‘ it was on’.

WHO busted you- Bill Clinton, and Camp Clinton on the racebaiting?

No, it wasn’t Barack Obama.

It was the common Black man and Black woman, who sat back, silently observing what was happening. It was finding out about the incidents through talk radio, Black radio, and from blogs such as this. It was the common Black man and woman, who could read, and keep track of the racebaiting, creating the ClintonAttacksObama Wiki that grew to FIFTY INCIDENTS, and was actually incomplete.

THAT is who busted you.

And Bill, please stop clinging to any delusions that you will be received with adoration within the Black Community.

Black folk ain’t studdin’ you, or your wife.

When you decided to racebait the first truly legitimate Black Candidate for President of the United States…

What the hell did you think would be the response of the Black Community?

Last word will come from our fellow poster,Truthseeker, who was so on point:

He’s in RWANDA ….the scene of his crime, trying to atone and salvage his black street cred.

While he’s hobnobbing with the poor blacks in Rwanda, he’s putting out statements to smear the first black candidate.

The new racist will fly to Africa and help poor black farmers with their cassava crops while putting out statements via blackberry to attack the first black candidate in the shiny, modern USA.

Mental derangement.

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