Big Boi of OutKast just released a new video that talks about the real issues impacting Americans right now (such as living in fear, jobs, gas prices) that’s got Mary J bringin’ it on the bridge. It And — if you lend a helping hand, you might not need one. As one of the comments in YouTube says: “Finally social commentary back in hip-hop again!”

The mention of Obama is brief. Mary sings: “The only hope I have that help me deal with the drama, is that maybe in November I’ll be cheering for Obama.” Some folks rap, some sing, some…blog.

Here’s more from the lyrics. I think it captures accurately the dim and generally pissed off mood of the average American

(Big Boi)

You Know the commonfolk, blue collar, day to day workers that squeeze a dollar, so maybe they can swallow, a little, not a lot, just enough to fill that bottle
But its a million dollars a gallon for gas to get to work tomorrow.
Thats if you gotta get it, cant swim and carpool, you rob peter to pay paul to make due, make you wanna write a note and take a pistol to that bank too, then pass it on the teller
But you know better
(Chorus-Mary J Blige)
They try to tell us to stay strong, but every day we losing jobs, from College Park down to Beverly Hills, Somethings Gonna Have to Give
Across the world they live in fear but its the same thing over here.
If you can hear me on Capitol Hill, Somethings gonna have to give.
(Verse 2)
The great debaters debate about whos the greatest MC’s, subject matter dont matter because the verse is empty.
No food for thought, nothing for the brain to digest, so I guess it be about who can jive talk the best…

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