My friend, Skeptical Brotha, expanded on my post “The Corporate Mammy” over on his blog.  It is a comprehensive, factual argument why Nikki Tinker is unfit to represent Memphis in Congress, and a strong argument to return Steve Cohen back to Congress to do his job.

Best part of the post:

Longtime readers of this blog know of the animosity I have for Harold Ford Jr and his demagogic brand of corporate prostitution that masquerades as political centrism. Everything he touches turns to shit and the same could be said of his protégé.

I didn’t think it was possible to be more repellent than Ford, but Aunt Nikki is the willing overseer on Pinnacle Airlines corporate plantation as Vice President for Labor Relations and General Counsel. Aunt Nikki is representative of the lowest form of human life and is the worst kind of counterfeit Negress imaginable. As an employment lawyer, she specializes in destroying employee rights to collectively bargain and be free from workplace racial discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

‘Nuff said.  Go read it for yourselves and give some love to Skeptical Brotha for the research effort he put forth to bring the truth to light.

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