I know; it may not seem like much.  An apology for the atrocity that our ancestors were introduced to over 500 years ago, on American soil.  But the lack of one sends the message that America considers no sin was committed in enslaving Africans, stripping them of their heritage and their culture.

While Slick Willie did formally apologize during his Administration, there’s nothing in writing to make it  a formal acknowledgement that something horribly wrong was done to a race of people for greedy consumerism.

Far more important is who’s going after the apology.  Hint: Not a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but one who asked for membership and was turned down.  What’s even more ironic is that the representative, Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee), is the Dark Sith’s REPLACEMENT in Congress.  We need to support getting his legislation passed that will give us that formal apology, which means more than any reparation we could ever get from the guvmint.

While it may seem to be a gesture, the fact that Mr. Cohen’s district is more than 60% African-American; plus the fact that the 9th district has seen better and more effective representation than it saw under 32 years of the seat being held by a man named Ford, is significant.  Significant in that the people of Memphis finally have a voice that truly represents their interests, and one of those interests is an apology for slavery.

However, there are a select few in Congress who would like to see Mr. Cohen gone.  Because he’s a white Jew.  And that charge is being led by super corrupt Black Pastors in Memphis, who would rather see a Black Face in that seat, even though the Black Face is nothing more than a Corporate Mammy who imported herself to Memphis on the Dark Sith’s coattails.  The Dark Sith is not above using his marriage to funnel campaign donations to the Corporate Mammy, either – through his wife. 

I’m digressing, but I want JJP readers to understand the need for good representation in Congress, and they don’t necessarily have to be behind a Black Face, either.  Steve Cohen, along with Russ Feingold, Robert Wexler, Dennis Kucinich and other progressives, have proven themselves to their districts and everyone else.

Black Agenda Report does not go around endorsing candidates for public office, but we made an exception for Steve Cohen and Dennis Kucinich.  Because they are progressives in every sense of the word.  So, we at JJP are asking you to urge your representatives in Congress to support H. Res 194 – the formal apology for slavery.  Second, if you or your family live in Memphis, urge them to support this man’s return to his Congressional seat because he’s an effective congressman who’s keeping his campaign promise to the people that elected him – the formal apology for slavery.

It’s the least we can do, since the CBC is hell-bent on dissing everyone who tries to do the right thing.

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