Just wanted to share some thought-provoking responses to the Jackson controversy.

Rev. Jackson:


Dr. Dyson:

Rev. Sharpton:

And, of course, the obligatory “race” conversation with no people of color on the panel (LOL):


Personally speaking, regarding that last clip, there are certain issues where concern over white perception takes a back seat to the well-being of my community. The matter of absent parents is one of them. But I get Dr. Dyson’s point.

This issue really touches a nerve in the black community. That tells me that we’ve got some much unfinished dialogue to go through. And though many had problems with Obama’s speech (duly noted), it is equally important to recognize that just as many black folk were glad he said what he did. And while some see an attack on black men (duly noted), others see a defense of black women and children.

Black folk are NOT a monolith . . . and the lesson of that message holds true for both sides of this debate.

I love the passion on both sides of this issue. But it’s time we put our minds together instead of focusing on which side is right or wrong. We’ve got a lot of smart people here (JJP is certainly blessed). So let’s put our heads together.

So where do we go from here?

For a moment, forget the politics . . . forget Obama and Jackson . . . forget white perceptions . . .

This isn’t about either/or, but BOTH. . . personal responsibility AND social accountability. I’m talkin’ laws, government policy, community programs, tough love, “my brotha’s keeper,” whatever you’ve got, I want to hear your ideas.

My question is this: How true are the statistics? And, to the extent that they are true, what can WE do to better OUR situation?

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