I’m a genuine wearer of the tinfoil hat, so I’m going to piggyback off of b-serious’ post down a bit about the Clintons, and use a couple of posters on JJP to convey my view of the forest:

From Craig Hickman:

I just want to add that Barack is still fighting a nomination battle.

The goal is to get him behind in the polls by some significant percentage and length of time prior to the Denver convention.

Make no mistake: the FISA bill’s rush through Congress, the wag-the-dog national security “threats” that are piling on each other, Hillary’s FISA vote, her delegates behind-the-scenes maneuvering…

Barack doesn’t just challenge Republicans, he also challenges the Democratic power structure. Notice how many Senators have refused to endorse him openly.

Remember, Barack jumped to the front of the line. He didn’t “wait his turn.”

Barack wants Brandenburg Gate and a 75,000-seat stadium acceptance speech. Some say he’s showing hubris. That’s one way to look at it.

Another way:

He wants to make it increasingly difficult for a convention coup (a reclamation by the plutocrats that is) in Denver.

That might read as paranoid, but I couldn’t help myself from saying, ‘Uh huh’ while reading it.

See, Craig, b-serious, iceberg, NMP, myself and others..we might be wearing the tinfoil hat on this, and maybe we’re not. Maybe we see the forest for the trees, and we see a whole lotta snakes in that grass. I’m with Craig on this and have written about that Obama has ALWAYS been a threat, not to the Republicans, but to the Democrats too.

NMP has posted extensively as the disrespect that she sees coming Obama’s way from ‘The Progressives’. Disrespect that she doesn’t believe she’s seen with other nominees:

Am I the only negro concerned by the far white Left’s seeming attempt to sabotage Senator Obama’s campaign? This feigned surprise and outrage over his centrist policy positions is getting on my last damn nerves!

Come the hell on! The speech that introduced Barack Obama to the world was a centrist speech. He made clear that he was not a political idealogue and that the country would be better served by moving from the far Left and Right. The policy prescriptions laid out in detail in his best selling book were mostly centrist. So, why the hell are they acting as if his current–and long held–views are a surprise?

It never fails how white folks assign their own fantasies on black leaders. It’s eerily reminiscent of how Dr. King was treated when he spoke out on the Vietnam War. Despite having published numerous writings that reflected a far more dimensional socio-political world view, white folks defined him by one speech and made him the poster child for black forgiveness and non-confrontation.

Today, despite being on record supporting the death penalty; expressing ambivalence about abortion, particularly late-term; supporting individual gun ownership coupled with sensible gun control policy; and never ever being afraid to discuss religion in the public square, white Liberals are now shocked and surprised?


We’ve been allowing white Liberals to take our vote for granted for decades. We supported Bill Clinton and the Democrats through 3 strikes laws; the Omnibus crime bill which resulted in far more erosion of the 4th amendment and defendent’s rights than telecom immunity; Bill Clinton overseeing the execution of a retarded black man; qualified black candidates with aspirations for state-wide office being push aside time-and-time again for white candidates, including white women. Despite all of this, black folks have shown the political maturity to support the Democratic Party even when the Party hasn’t supported us! And now white folks like you want to say they are not willing to make the same compromise for a black candidate?!

Senator Obama WON the nomination, and he has EVERY right to set his own agenda, just like every previous white candidate has done. There has not been a white democratic nominee that hasn’t taken more conservative positions to win, including Bill Clinton who was FAR more conservative on social issues than Senator Obama.

Why are black bloggers sitting back while they are trying to make him bow down?

I stopped going to DailyKos because they lost their damn minds over FISA. I’ve said from the beginning that I disagreed with Obama over FISA. But, it’s not enough to make me stop supporting him. Nobody can tell me that these folks that this is THE overarching issue in their lives. I’m not buying it.

As for Obama ‘ tacking to the center’..

On the Death Penalty, YOU can defend child rapists….we don’t need a Black man on tv defending child rapists..

The Second Amendment….is what it is. I’m a supporter of it, as are millions of Americans. Yes, you stand for gun control and see how many states in the middle of this country Obama gets.

The elections in this country are won or lost on independents. Unless you’re out personally registering 100 Progressives everyday, elections are won with independents.

The man won the nomination, and should get to put forth the agenda of his choice. It’s not like he’s going to scrap the Democratic Party Platform. Indeed, he’s opened up the process to the average person sending in sugeestions. Part of that ‘ transparency in government’ thing.

CPL pointed out that the entire holding up the money for Obama is to pressure him to take Hillpatine on his ticket. On that, I still say HELL NO. I’m so tired of every candidate in Modern Political History being able to do what they want to do, UNTIL THE BLACK MAN WINS.


That’s part of the forest for the trees.

Nader can’t win.
McKinney can’t win.

So, you have a choice between Obama and McCain.

Don’t BS me about there being no clear choice between these two. You know better. ..

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