The National Black Republican Association has unveiled a new set of “ads”.

The logic in these ads by the National Black Republican Association is difficult to parse, and requires a willful ignorance of the history of party politics as well as a complete disregard for context. It’s also literally made up of googled images, including a photoshopped image of Obama with a cigarette in his mouth that came from Wonkette. 

It says “Paid for by the NBRA,” well, I hope they ain’t pay too much. These ads look like they were done in iMovie by a teenager. And you’re not going to see these in adspace on TV, the resolution is so poor that they aren’t broadcast ready. They’re entirely reliant on the novelty of being attack ads on Obama created by black people to get attention–so basically their only hope is that some news station filling time will pick these up and run them with the chyron, “Is Obama losing the black vote?”

But I think the weirdest thing about these ads is how much they remind me of this parody from a year ago.

Although apparently they based the ad off of a visit to the NBRA website so…it makes sense.

And I love the “MLK” was a Republican thing. Yeah, 50 or so years ago my grandparents were Republicans too. They switched when all the Dixiecrats became Republicans over the Civil Rights Act. So even if it was true, party dynamics were a bit different back then. 

Of course, it…isn’t true, at least not according to Taylor Branch.  

Eric Kleefield says that these NBRA is planning an ad buy on black radio stations across the country. 


UPDATE: Bashir from the Message immediately saw the similarity between the parody he and his group created and the NBRA video. He adds:


I am a huge fan of economic free will and empowerment and marginally regulated markets. I am a huge fan of small government (someone should tell Bush that’s a Republican platform). I am a huge fan of states rights (as long as those rights expand freedoms in the Constitution rather than limit them). I think the black community needs training programs more than welfare, small business loans more than community centers. When we strengthen the ability of our families to take care of themselves…we strengthen the community at large.

But, my dear Republican friends, when I watch your leaders speak…especially to their “base”…and when see the Southern Strategystill in use today…I can’t ride with you.

I don’t agree with all of that, but I think the point is that whatever sympathy conservative leaning inclinations some black folks have, most aren’t willing to be a part of a party where race-baiting is accepted practice.

And if I were a  Republican, being treated like this would make me change my mind mad quick. It’s really worth its own post, but I’ll mention it briefly here. 


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