JJP readers, I have to say, the parties were the best thing about Netroots Nation this weekend. I would like to give some shout outs to the peeps I hung out with and who made the whole experience a good one.

Cheryl (aka Jill) and Baratunde (Jack) – hope I made you proud of me and I hope I represented JJP. I tried! Can’t wait to throw down with both of you during CBC weekend!

Faith (aka HeartsandFlowers) it’s always good to hang with someone from home. Loved the way you took on Gavin Newsom (yeah, that Gavin Newsom, as in S.F.’s mayor). Also loved how you took on the organizer of the Netroots Nation Conference and let her know what we want included next year. Keep in touch…especially if you’re going to Denver.

Gina (WhatAboutOurDaughters) – you are a tough young sista and people better get out of your way! I’m supporting the Blogging While Brown conference, although I’ll be in Oxford next week, but I figure you can always use a little cheddar.

Brandon (aka the Super Spade) – you helped give a sista props and I am honored to have met you. Thanks for inviting me to be on the Blogging panel yesterday. Are you married? (just kidding, LOL)

Rudy and Darwin – you brothas kept it real and it was an honor and a lot of fun to be hanging with both of you! Especially Rudy – you didn’t tell me until later you actually got in the Dark Sith’s face and he asked you “Are you that brotha from Michigan?” and your priceless reply “No, I’m that n—ger from Texas!” No wonder he made a beeline off that stage Friday! ROFL

Valerie and Deedee – you rounded out the party and kept it going! I haven’t stayed out until three in the morning since my club days! I promise to keep in touch!

Al Giordano of “The Field” – a pleasure to hang out and drink coffee and drinks with you the past two days. It seemed everywhere I looked up, I saw you! LOL

To Gina Cooper, Netroots Nation Chair – thanks for hanging in and listening to us in the lobby at the Hilton last night. We left believing you heard our concerns and that they will get passed on to your successor. Most importantly, thanks for learning what it means to have diversity, and learning that it’s more than a word to be thrown around; that’s why I gave you the working definition. Take it and implement it in time for next year’s conference, okay?

Last, but not least – Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD); thank you for the mad props for CBC Monitor and Black Agenda Report. I guess Markos thought I was talking out the side of my neck, but now that you let him know how we helped you get Al Wynn out of Congress, maybe he’ll pay attention when we send those links to the Report Card to Daily Kos. Moreover, your speech was major and hit every point that needed to be made. You are the first of what we hope will be many success stories of Black Agenda Report, CBC Monitor and JJP through true grassroots efforts.

Oh, yeah, to my roommate, Betsy; we didn’t get to talk, but I will make sure everyone knows about your efforts in keeping Pretty Bird Woman House – a shelter for abused Native American women, alive and well. Let us know if there is any way we can help you if or when you need it.

If there is anyone I didn’t mention, please don’t take it personally, because I met a whole lot of people this weekend, and if I try to list all of you, it won’t be a blog post but a journal. Mad props to all of you!

Leutisha (aka the Christian Progressive Liberal)

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