Senator Barack Obama raised 54 million dollars in June, just shy of his record. Before you feel good about that, you always have to see the forest for the trees. Some of you out there see the forest, and bring up things from time to time. Keep your eyes on the ball and remember what our pal Craig Hickman says:

Barack is STILL running for the nomination.

Craig might wear the tinfoil hat, he might not, but he’s not lyin’ on this one.

Brian Francis over at, has strung together the forest pretty well:

$52 Million in June WITHOUT Hillary’s help….

Obama raised $52 Million in June without the help of Hillary’s top fundraisers who gave him only $20k.

That is astonishing, but raises some very very major red flags with me.

1. This proves the Obama campaign doesn’t need these people…..and when you don’t need someone they either suck up to you or they find a way to undermine you

2. These are POWERFUL people who have just had their last 20 years of ascendency taken from them…literally having all the relationship building and image building and money donated for one singular purpose swept out from under them. Everything they worked for now means nothing. They will not go quietly into the night.

3. Hillary hasn’t released her delegates

4. Some of Hillary’s superdelegates are trying to band together to nominate her for the VP at the convention, with a more radical group trying to nominate her for President

5. The fit is going to hit the shan when Obama names his VP next week and it isn’t her

Yes, the next few weeks will be very interesting to watch indeed. Snakes abound, ladies and gentlemen. Trust your instincts while watching. You’re not being paranoid, IMO.

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