Greetings, JJP readers.  I think Jill was the first one of us to get here; I just got in this afternoon and spent most of it cussing out my new laptop.  She, Jack and I will be meeting up after the Howard Dean keynote tomorrow, and I’ve been invited to sit on a panel with “The Super Spade” and the subject is “Black Bloggers Beyond Obama.”  Should be fun.

On the plane ride, I overheard other attendees wondering when the Dark Sith would be speaking.  I think that’s going to be kept quiet until the last possible minute, because y’all know what happens when you throw a DLC-er into a sea of progressives…so stay tuned.  I was asked to be the first Black Blogger to get in that ass, and right now, I’d rather let those whom the Dark Sith holds in high esteem, get in that ass first, because it will be more painful for him.  Me, not so much; he’s already threatened me by telephone a couple of years back when I was still out on the West Coast, and not fawning over him like some sistas were back then. If the dates are correct, Snowflake was on the scene then and being kept undercover like dirty laundry.

Anyway, this was the first attempt and already, I’m having trouble with advanced technology and crap…LOL

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