Apparently the deadline is midnight tonight EST to vote for the top three issues you’d like McCain and Obama to address during their visit to the NAACP Presidential Forum.

So far on the leaderboard we got:

1st place: Jobs & the Economy with 80.2% of folks choosing that topic

2nd place: Health Care Disparities and the War in Iraq almost tied at 51.9% and 51.5% respectively

and in 3rd place: Education at 39.6%

Some bread-and-butter, kitchen-table issues. Chances are, most Americans would enjoy hearing the candidates speak on these issues. It’s striking to me that the environment and the climate crisis isn’t available as an option. I wonder how it would fare among the 7 issues the NAACP has selected. I’m willing to bet it would be high. While I applaud the NAACP’s recent discovery of the internets and its usefulness in expanding supporter participation, I am appalled by what appears to be a couple of blind spots on their part including:

  • the climate crisis and pollution,
  • energy and gas prices,
  • attempts at Iran war-mongering and
  • Katrina gulf recovery.

Cuz, um, since when did we stop caring about the gulf coast region’s botched, half-hearted and incomplete recovery under the neglectful eye of the Bush administration? And who says black folks don’t care about green?

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