MTV is making history and headlines after deciding to run its first political ad in 27 years of existence.  The twist for many viewers?  It’s an anti-Obama ad.  You can read more about it here.

Now obviously there’s nothing inherently Democratic about MTV. It’s a network owned by a parent corporation (money talks). And, of course, conservatives have just as much a right to reach voters as anyone else. Personally, I’m just bracing myself for the first time I see an anti-Obama ad on BET (y’all know you’re thinking the same thing).

Given the network’s demographics, it’s easy to understand how some viewers might be surprised to see John McCain follow their favorite T-Pain video. I mean, it’s not like a Reagan Democrat wouldn’t be just as surprised to see a pro-Obama ad during a NASCAR event . . .

wait . . . that’s not a bad idea. Obama’s got the cash, why not sponsor a NASCAR team?  (Oh SNAP! Looks like Obama’s camp already flirted with that idea)

But since MTV has opened the door to partisan politics, it wouldn’t hurt to get some of those pro-Obama music videos into heavy rotation.

Anyway, I guess the lesson is twofold:

1. When it comes to politics, never leave a stone unturned; and
2. When it comes to politics, never assume a safe haven in the media (again, money talks)

I guess young Republicans can’t get enough of 50 cent and Soulja Boy either. Just beware that, if your little cousin starts quoting Pat Buchanan, he might be confusing RNC commercials with the Lollipop remix.

Plus, it’s not like MTV hasn’t had a love/hate relationship with an assertive black man before. Remember, the brotha never lasts a full season on the Real World. LOL!

Now that I think of it, that fits right in with Buchanan’s “Not One of Us” meme.  Oh they like Obama, but do they really feel “safe” around him??? It’s a point Dave Chappelle made when he flipped the script in this memorable skit:

(nsfw language)

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