Mr. Smith Goes to Hollywood and gets Fat Paid!

…and is Forbes top earner, raking in a cool $80 million dollars this year, and having eight (count ’em, EIGHT) movies leading box office earnings for opening weekends.

I love movies, both the TCM classics and movies like “Speed Racer”.  Hey, what can I say; I’m a Speed Racer fan from back in the day.  In fact, TCM is the channel of choice at CPL’s house, except when I’m watching Olbermann, because everything else passing for news really isn’t these days.

So, it’s nice when even Hollywood has to admit our peeps can bring da noise on the silver screen. Will Smith has come a long way from “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” and I could easily see him cast as Barack Obama if Tinseltown ever decided to make a movie about the Brotha Who Will Be President.  See who else is listed among top earners here.

Just a lil’ light posting – I’ll be back with a vengence tomorrow…

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