Granny, I told you that I would have that album cover for you.

I was hanging out over at the Field Negro’s blog and he had this up, courtesy of Art Maggot.
I don’t know, but I’m wondering if Senator Obama’s attempts to “distance” himself from the old guard, isn’t causing the backstabbing.  And, as it was said on a thread here, the “old guard” is playing it safe as well as being straddlers on the fence because they want access to Obama if (when) he gets the White House, so they want to play nice.
And I fault Rev. Jesse for the “heat” he’s catching because he actually can’t pass up a camera he didn’t like.  Even if the camera and mic were Fake Noise (aka Fox Network).  As Rikyrah said, Jesse should have kept his mouth shut about turning Obama into a eunich until he was out of the building and in the car.  As it was, that random mic (and I’m not sure how random it was, seeing it was Fox Noise) picked him up sounding like any thug on the street.
We’ve all weighed in on this controversy, and for those of you who can’t stand Campbell Brown, please remember, she’s married to the ReThug Establishment, and appears not to be able to leave her ReThug biases at home when she’s working.  Not that it’s any excuse, but you really can’t get “real” news on the entertainment channels anymore.
Thank God for Bloggers….
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