First request:

Go to the Jed Report and DIGG THIS VIDEO

Now, onto the post.

We have had instance of Barack Obama being called ‘ Affirmative Action Run Amok’.

The undercurrents against him and Michelle Obama, well, we know the drill.

But, just EXACTLY who is the Affirmative Action candidate?

The one who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School?


The one, by his own words…
John McCain: I graduated fifth from the bottom of my class
That’s 894th of 899.

And who only got into Annapolis because Daddy and Granddaddy (BOTH Admirals) pulled strings – that’s AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR THE ELITE, just in case you didn’t know.

So, you
a) get in because of family pull and NOT because you’re qualified
b) graduate at the bottom of your class…

But, the BLACK guy who graduates with highest honors is the ‘ Affirmative Action’ Candidate.

Uh huh.

Why does this remind me of the Chris Rock line:

A Black ‘ C’ student can’t get hired to be a Manager at Burger King..

A White ‘C’ student can become President of the United States..

Low Achievers Embracing. Just in case you didn’t know, Dubya wasn’t smart enough to get into the University of Texas. So, he went to Yale..yeah, you guessed it, on Affirmative Action – called LEGACY Admissions. McSame have SO much in common, don’t they?

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