Like George Bush and to crib Kanye, John McCain doesn’t care about black people. Going to speak at the NAACP is like Bush kissing Oprah in 2000. Just the fakeout fade. Peep the vid below:

Also, check out Kevin Myles of the NAACP’s coverage of both Obama and McCain’s speeches at the NAACP. It’s a big kissy-huggy overall for McCain for my taste. The man is not the friend of African-Americans by any means and I’m kinda insulted he was allowed to speak. He had more to gain from the appearance than the NAACP’s members. McCain (and Bush) need to be held accountable for their actions (and inaction) on issues impacting African-Americans such as Katrina relief (or the lack thereof).

Still, thanks for the coverage, Kevin. Here’s an excerpt.

Scarcely an hour ago, John McCain finished his speech to the NAACP convention. And while the crowd was not quite as large as had been Obama’s, his speech was well delivered and graciously received. Senator McCain spent the majority of his speech dealing specifically with the subject of education. He talked at length about the state of the current educational system. When he focused on these broad themes, his message found wide acceptance throughout the audience. He also spoke with some specificity about his support for school choice and school vouchers. These specific policy initiatives met with a more cool reception, but clearly he had anticipated that and he dealt with the differences quite well. He also spoke to his plans for increased drilling and adopting green technologies. I must admit, while I had heard about his humor, I was still quite surprised at how effectively and naturally he was able to interject humor into his address. It was one of the more personable speeches I’ve heard him deliver. Unfortunately, he spoke to very few of the priority issues of the NAACP. I think he missed a great opportunity to speak emphatically to his plans for dealing with the foreclosure crisis, health care, predatory lending, etc etc…

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