From the folks who brought you Brave New Films and its projects like “Fox Attacks” and “The Real McCain” comes Meet The Bloggers

Meet the Bloggers is a live online video show created by Brave New Foundation which is broadcast online every Friday focusing on unconventional political opinion and analysis. Affiliate blogs include The Huffington Post, Think Progress, Alternet, Jack & Jill Politics and Of América. When not live, shows will be made available on-demand on, as well as iTunes, and RSS Feeds. In addition to its web distribution, Meet The Bloggers will be televised on FreeSpeechTV.

The show debuts this Friday. Check the trailer below the fold

This week’s topic: whether Karl Rove should be sent to jail for failing to comply with the House Judiciary Committee’s subpoena.

Duh! Rove and all these fools that have raided the treasury, started an illegal war, trashed the Constitution (among many other violations) should be sent to jail for many crimes, and this is just the latest.

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