I was on a few panels at Netroots Nation 2008. Christian Progressive Liberal aka Leutisha Stills spoke on the Black Bloggers Beyond Obama panel. It was GREAT to meet Leutisha for the first time in person. She’s as super-intelligent, elegant, dedicated and hilarious as I knew she’d be. Underperforming legislators betta stand back cuz Ms. Stills ain’t playin’. For realz.

Baratunde Thurston was the MC on Thursday night, opening for Gov. Howard Dean. Baratunde is always funny as all get out and among other things introduced the life philosophy you can use to determine your own decisionmaking through use of WWOD or What Would Obama Do? You can see it for yourself below:

Here’s video from the META panel in which moderator Chris Bowers of Open Left posed two questions—one about the Obama/Clinton conflict in the blogosphere community and the second inquiring into the nature of the progressive movement today. I sat on this panel and my fellow panelists included Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon, David Waldman AKA Kagro X of DailyKos and James Rucker from Color of Change. It was a great conversation. Check it out.

Here’s a link to the slides from another of my panels that was packed & well-received called “Using Online Social Techniques To Build Your Blog’s Community”. Thanks to Jason Rosenbaum and Josh Nelson at the Seminal for posting all 3 of our presentations together.

The Washington Post among hundreds of other mainstream media outlets covered the convention. I’m quoted twice as Cheryl Contee btw in the WashPo:

Trail Blog: At ‘Netroots Nation,’ Obama Campaign Goes to Ground

Article: Liberal Bloggers Brace for Victory

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