First of all, I hope all of you are enjoying a Happy 4th of July.  Because of undergoing dental work, I can’t throw down on ribs like I normally would, but I’m enjoying my family being here in DC with me just the same.

I thought I’d post something we always suspected about Fox Network (aka Fake News, Fox Noise). I think we’ve always known they were racist, bigoted, and generally go about with fake journalists and make shyt up, then report it as news.

Now, here comes a story that they not only make shyt up and report it as “real news”, they also doctor up pictures that go along with the news stories.  Even better, if they have a person with an opposing point of view, they go out of their way to doctor up a picture like Newsweek doctored up pictures of O. J. Simpson during his trial.  Check this out:

From Dr. Boyce Watkins of “Your Black World” and last seen on the Network where Bill O’Reilly tried to diss him on the air and failing miserably.  Here’s a snippet from Dr. Watkins:

In many cases, the teeth of the guests were yellowed, foreheads made longer, eyes darkened or ears widened.  In my case, my forehead was stretched upward and to the right, and other clips were shown (with no audio) to make me look like an “angry black man”.  This made it easier for Syracuse alumni to think that I was an evil black man, even though most of my critics have never seen me speak or read my writing. It’s made worse by the fact that black men do not have the same right to be angry that others have, so the stigma of the “angry black man” keeps many African American males from advancing in predominantly white institutions.  I accept that, which is why I’ve never cared about promotions, organizational politics or professional advancement very much.  Such carrots may appear librerating and uplifting, but they can also be oppressive and enslaving.  It is important to feel good about who you are without needing someone from the outside to tell you that.

It’s official.  We always knew Fox Noise has been making shyt up as long as they have been on the air.  Now, we have evidence.  As a result, we can add Juan Williams, and any other House Negro that works for them to the Club of Self-Hating Negroes.

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