…then check out Gina McCauley’s blog about radio coverage she’s receiving regarding the Blogging While Brown Conference down in the ATL this weekend.

Here’s a tidbit (and she is to be applauded for restraint):

Some kind of way at the end of the conversation, the male host asks about blogs and influencer and intimidators right before the interview concluded.

The interview concludes and THEN the male host, John Hockenberry, says

“She DOES sound intimidating.”

Then Katherine Lanpher , who I a assuming is a White woman, chuckles. Yep, y’all the the two white folks in New York chuckle at how intimidating I sound. Listen to the show yourself. http://www.thetakeaway.org/

See, we complain about shyt like this happening when we’re on their forums and they know damned well why they invite us on their radio shows and whatnot.  But, let’s get real – as Gina herself stated, (which put the organizers of Netroots Nation in a snit because they may be less “colorful” at next year’s conference if Bloggers of ethnicity and color have our way), we won’t wait forever to get invited to your table.  We’ll just go out and build our own table.  Quit talking about inclusion when your actions are anything but inclusive.

Stop inviting us to the table if all you’re going to do is feed us scraps.  We don’t want your scraps.  They don’t satisfy our hunger, even though Ward Connerly, LaShawn Barber, John McWhorter and Joseph Phillips tell you otherwise.

And finally, if we sound intimidating to you, ask yourself why you feel that way, instead of telling us to tone it down because it makes you feel uncomfortable.  If you look at history, you should probably feel uncomfortable, because the way I figure, the Establishment has about 500 years of mistreatment that should make anyone feel “uncomfortable” and probably more than that for the effects of colonization of not only us, but all people of ethnicity and race.

Just in case y’all thought we’re just B–ching about race relations in this country, while Gina’s blog post made me laugh, it also made me think about the fact that even if Obama gets to the White House, America has a long way to go in recovering from her addiction to bigotry and racism – hell, all -isms, cause she’s addicted and badly needs an intervention.

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